Friday, March 06, 2009

Mystery Guest...and More!

Today's mystery guest author on Darby's blog is a Queen in her own realm (though I'm fairly certain she has not taken to the whole crown and black flaming mask as an everyday thing....)

But when it comes to writing and horses -- this woman Reigns the Reins. Care to make a little guess? Put your name and your guess in the comments here and you can win a signed copy of one of her books.

Or better still -- hie on over to Darby's blog, and read the whole interview Darby has with this Canadian champion. You can leave your name for the draw over there, too.

We will draw for this author's book NEXT Friday, to give a chance for some comments to accumulate, but tonight Darby and I will be making the draw for signed books by the authors featured in interviews this week: Jacqueline Pearce, Tanya Lloyd Kyi, Don Calame and Linda Gerber.

You have until 6 pm this evening, Pacific Standard Time, to get your name in for the book draws. I'll announce the winners here and on Darby's blog later tonight!

In other news -- we got a nice shout out for Darby and her endeavours on Ink Gleanings this week.

And over on Jungle Red Writers, I am the featured blogger today, thanks to an invitation by Hallie Ephron. Thanks, Hallie!

Okay -- time's up. Figured out our mystery author yet? Check HERE to find out!



Anita Daher said...

kc, you are the blogging QUEEN! I do not know where you find such energy (and wonderful ideas!). You rock :-)

p.s HUGE congrats on the new book!!!

kc dyer said...

Thank you, Anita! But this month it's Darby who is doing all the work. (Somehow I find myself doing her typing, though -- it's bizarre.) Just like my human children, I guess!

See you soon, or at least your pixels, she sez, mysteriously...