Friday, March 27, 2009


Here we are at the end of launch month...what a ride it has been. Will announce the winners of this week's book prizes on Darby Speaks in a few minutes. Am seriously behind in everything, mostly email and blogging other info, so will attempt to catch up this weekend.

I've got one more mystery author guest for you -- we'll run his interview tomorrow on Darby Speaks, and then do the draw early next week.

And just because he is a mysterious kinda guy, here's a peek at his most expressive parts...

No wonder his nickname is McSteamy!

Now that Launch Month is over, Darby's blog is going to continue with a slightly different shape. She's gotten the journalistic bug with all this interviewing and wants to keep it up. But now she's had a good taste of authors...she'll be moving on to characters from other books -- a chance to interact off the page, so to speak.

If you've a yen to meet someone you enjoyed in the pages of a novel (stipulation: the author has to be living in order to give permissions, etc.) then let me know and I'll pass it along to Her Nibs.

In the meantime, if you'd like to guess the owner of these eyes...leave your name (and his) in the comments, and I'll enter you in the draw for a signed copy of his latest book!

And check out the other winners names at Darby Speaks.



Kathy said...

I recognise those eyes. That's Chris Humphries.

A Novel Woman said...

I'm sorry (fanning self) what was the question again?

Chris Humphreys.

kc dyer said...


I see those peepers have caught your eye!