Friday, March 20, 2009


This week's Launch Month prize winners can be found HERE on Darby Speaks.

Congratulations to all!

Contrary to what I wrote in the blog I posted at an ungodly hour this morning, Jill Murray's winner will be chosen next week, to give her a fair shot at gaining comments (as has become our wont with all our Friday blog subjects in this most marvellous of celebrations).

And speaking of winners, Darby got a very nice mention today in the Globe & Mail. The review made me very happy.

Let's celebrate by giving away books!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Karen! It's a wonderful review in an important national newspaper, and very deserved. You have worked long and hard and I am glad that people are starting to take notice. :) -Meg

Deborah Hodge said...

Hi Karen,

It's a fantastic review in an impressive publication. Congratulations! Well done!


Tan said...

Wow -- nice!

Mahtab said...

Hi Karen,


Super review.


Lisa said...

National coverage -- Wow!
I'm really looking forward to reading this one, although I still think your last one was the best so far...
Congrats! Time to celebrate a bit after all that hard work!

kc dyer said...

Thanks, all! It's been a very nice couple of days.


Anita Daher said...

Fantastic review, kc!