Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Morning Mystery...

'ooo ees theese sweet Frensch meees? Weeth 'er cafe au lait, croissent and grand bleu chapeau?

(Okay -- it is just too hard to write dialect -- especially overblown, cliched French dialect -- on a Sunday morning where I've already lost an hour to the dreaded Daylight Savings Monster. So I'm stopping now.)

Still, you've got to admit this mystery author is intriguing. And then _I've_ got to admit that there is nothing remotely Parisian about her. However, I can tell you she comes from one of the most international families I know. And she has the soul -- and the words of a poet.

Care to learn more? Check out Darby's blog and all will be revealed!


Book Launch Celebration Small Print Explanation:
Darby Christopher is the main character in kc dyer's new novel A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. To celebrate the launch of this new book, Darby will be interviewing blogging authors on her own blog HERE. Every day, Darby and her guest will give away a book to celebrate! To win a book, just leave a comment, either here on leftwriter or on the corresponding post on Darby's Blog. Book draws will be made every Friday night throughout the month of March. There is no limit to the number of books to be won, so comment often!


Gerb said...

Oh, la la. She does look so very magnifique, does she not? You don't need to enter me in this because I have all of Kate Coombs' books! But je t aime her so I had to comment.
: )

kc dyer said...

Merci, Leenda! =)

~le kay cee