Monday, March 09, 2009

March Monday Mystery Guest

Welcome to another week of celebration! A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW is making its way out into the world, and reports of book sightings continue to pour in. Today we are going to kick off our celebration with a reminder that the actual book launch event will be held THIS Thursday evening at Kidsbooks in Edgemont Village, North Vancouver.
If you have any questions, the phone number is 604-986-6190. (Did I mention there would be cupcakes? And wine for those who Aren't Fond of Cupcakes. There may even be wine for those who Are.) Hope to see you there!

To add to the celebratory feeling around here, Darby is going to interview another mystery author. Who is this mysterious writer? Brings a whole new meaning to the word 'sunglasses' doesn't she? I'll give you a hint -- she lives in Canada now, but right at this moment she is trekking around the land of her birth -- looking today at the remains of a Roman Wall, if I am not mistaken.

Care to take a guess? Go right ahead -- in the comment section below.

To see if you are correct, head on over to Darby Speaks and read Darby's interview with this intrepid writer. And I have it on good authority that those who enter today will win not only a signed novel -- but a bag of wine gums as an added bonus!

See you at Darby's place!


Book Launch Celebration Small Print Explanation:

Darby Christopher is the main character in kc dyer's new novel A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. To celebrate the launch of this new book, Darby will be interviewing blogging authors on her own blog HERE. Every day, Darby and her guest will give away a book to celebrate! To win a book, just leave a comment, either here on leftwriter or on the corresponding post on Darby's Blog. Book draws will be made every Friday night throughout the month of March. There is no limit to the number of books to be won, so comment often!


bridget3420 said...

I'd like to enter the contest.


Kathy said...

That has to be Lois P. And I didn't even peek at Darby's blog before I figured it out. *g* said...

i would like to be entered

kc dyer said...

Bridget, Blackroze and are all entered to win! Now you have to head over to see who the mystery writer is on Darby's blog...