Thursday, March 12, 2009

Launch Day Mystery Guest

Today's the day! A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW will be officially launched tonight at Vancouver Kidsbooks, in Edgemont Village.

To celebrate this event, Darby is interviewing one of the most influential writers in my life. She's been a friend, a guide and an inspiration...

care to make a guess? It might win you a free, autographed copy of her latest book!

Put your guess in the comments and then head on over to DARBY SPEAKS to read the interview.

One last hint -- yes, she CAN ride a skateboard!

Now, off you go.

(And if you happen to be on the North Shore of the Metro Vancouver area this evening, I will be happy to share my cupcakes with you at Kidsbooks in Edgemont. See you there!)



Julie said...

I'm guessing that's Miss Marsha! So, am I write (rite) (right)?!

Julie K

Your sib said...

Good luck, have fun and eat lots of cupcakes, cupcake!

Gerb said...