Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Seasonal Suggestion -- Courtesy of Miss 604


Miss 604, aka Rebecca Bollwitt, is a local blogger of long-standing renown. I read her posts daily to keep up on all things going on in and around the lower mainland -- or I have done since my buddy (and guru in all things internet-al) Dale McGladdery pointed me in her direction.

Today, in the spirit of the Advent Conspiracy, I was delighted to find a great selection of intangible gift suggestions for the season on Miss 604's blog. She's got a link to the BC SPCA (though you may have seen it here first!) but also a terrific list of choices, from adopting baby herons and whales -- to helping out human babies -- and more. Check out Miss 604's blog HERE.

So, here we are at last , in the final hectic week before Christmas. Much is happening in the literary world in and around this strange, frozen land we used to know as Vancouver, and the holidays beckon with twinkly lights and snowdrifts. As I type this, an injudiciously parked pick-up truck is deeply, and currently irretrievably, embedded in a snowbank at the bottom of my driveway.

(Perhaps a quick peek at said driveway is in order, to clarify why parking at the bottom under current weather conditions is not optional. This shot is of the bottom half, prior to the hairpin turn leading to the top half. BEFORE the snow.)

My guess is that truck recovery will require daylight, a bit of sturdy rope and some patience.

Truck adventures aside, this entry marks the last of my seasonal suggestions for the year. If you have any final ideas to add, make sure you pop your thoughts into the comments section below, in order to win a shot in the long-anticipated draw for an autographed copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK. All comments from the month of December will be eligible, until the moment of the draw tomorrow -- after which all bets are off.

Back tomorrow with news of the truck -- and the name of the lucky winner.


*Socks, wearing her most festive expression, and clearly wishing joy to all.


Deborah Hodge said...

Re: the Advent Conspiracy.
Hi kc and all,

Check out the World Vision Catalogue of Gifts for Families in Developing Countries. Give a goat, or a backpack with school supplies or a soccer ball. Go to:

For local kids, take an unwrapped new toy to the Christmas Bureau gift drop box at Oakridge Mall.

Merry Christmas! Debbie

kc dyer said...

Great ideas, Debbie -- thanks!