Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 6

Here we are..less than 20 days to Christmas. I still haven't started my shopping...have you?

My disorganized life aside, here's a seasonal suggestion for the writer in your life -- and it's linked to the post I made earlier today.

I have a bit of an issue about 'stuff' -- the conspicuous consumption with which we unthinking types fill our lives. I much prefer to share an experience with my friends and family -- and if you share that thought, than why not give the gift of writing...and reading?

Christianne's Lyceum is an amazing place. Run by the Energizer Bunny known to her loved ones as Christianne Hayward, the Lyceum is ground zero in Vancouver for reading, writing and love of books.

If you click through to her website, you'll find page after page of exciting options for book lovers and writers of all ages. Writers' workshops, Adult Meet-the-Author sessions, kids book clubs, open mic events -- if it has to do with the Arts in Vancouver, you can bet you'll be able to experience it at the Lyceum.

Last night Christianne was telling me about a new group for serious writers who are learning about Manga and graphic storytelling from the ground up. Just one of the myriad of choices open to you. What could be better than the gift of a workshop or event at the Lyceum?

I know it's on MY list!



Jacquie said...

Great ideas! I didn't realize the Lyceum had events/programs for adults, so that's good to know, as well.

kc dyer said...

Hey Jacquie,

Yes -- they have wonderful choices for kids and adults -- a different twist on gift-giving!