Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger James McCann

The posts are coming in fast and fierce as our Top 8 of '08 feature continues. Next we have guest blogger James McCann; author, teacher, mentor and undead expert. (Which reminds me -- those of you with zombie-leanings could do worse than follow the 12 Days of Zombie Christmas Comic series, illustrated by Sean Bieri , that is currently running on the blog.)

James's undead tend to the vampiric and lycanthropic varieties, though, and DAWN, the third book of his Rancour series will be debuting in the new year.

For his contribution, James has decided to highlight his Top 8 favourite moments of 2008. Let's peek in on those, shall we?

Author and friend kc dyer asked if I would “guest blog” for her to summarize my “Top Eight of 2008.” This list could be interpreted any way I want.

I’ve decided to summarize the top eight moments of 2008. This was a crazy year for me, with so much happening that I feel as though a decade has passed. It was the first year for me as a self-employed writer, although I still wound up pulling my share of shifts at Vancouver Kidsbooks. Well, perhaps this is the time to start my list.

At number 8:

This would have to be the sequel to Bat Man Begins, The Dark Knight. It was much anticipated and lived up to the hype. Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker, and I do believe that his performance will be remembered as one that would have taken his career to new heights.

At number 7:

My old home in East Vancouver was becoming more and more unlivable, what with balconies falling from the building and car bombs exploding in the parkade. Thankfully, author Tiffany Stone and her husband Carmen were renting a suite elsewhere - and now I have a safe, quite place to write and work.

At number 6:

When my PC finally died (during a workshop in Korea, no less) it was time to change computers. After watching the ease with which Lee Fodi used his Mac, I decided it was time to change loyalties to a new brand. Now I am a Macbook user, and love it.

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I was going to run a formal author photo of James, but one glance at this last shot and I saw the futility of running any other picture of him.

You can read more of James's Top 8 HERE. And take note -- James has just moved his blog site, so you'll need to update your RSS feed on your Reader.



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James TOTALLY wins for that photo!


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