Monday, December 29, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Welcome to the second of my end-of-the-year Guest Blogs, this time with author Tanya Lloyd Kyi at the helm.

Tanya is an active blogger, mother of two, member of CWILL BC and author. You can read a little more about here HERE, or check out her blog when you follow the links below. She is a writing powerhouse, having published ten books since 2001.

Tanya's chosen to make her Top 8 of '08 list a list of her personal heroes. Let's have a look, shall we?

My Eight Heroes of '08

I wasn't planning to blog until the new year, but fellow blogger
kc dyer e-mailed to ask if I would do a Top 8 of '08 list. She left the topic up to me, and I've chosen to list my personal heroes of the year. When I told Min, he said, "But CNN already did the heroes of 2008." Well, I'm pretty sure mine won't overlap too much with CNN's.

Here they are:

Shirley Case A 30-year-old Canadian aid worker, Shirley was killed in Afghanistan this year. She used to work with my sister at Recreation Integration Victoria, and was in Afghanistan to set up education opportunities for children with disabilities. The thought that someone would be killed while doing something so kind makes my bones shrivel.

Simon Jackson I interviewed Simon a few years ago for Canadian Boys Who Rocked the World. He launched the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition as a teen, determined to help save the habitat of B.C.'s kermode bears. And when I interviewed him, he was talking to Disney about a movie. I was sceptical. Disney? A Spirit Bear movie? Well, it's in production. Congratulations, Simon!

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Thanks for being a part of this end-of-year blog extravaganza, Tanya! You've got me thinking about my own heroes...


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