Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Firefly Christmas Eve...

For my buddy James, whom I hope makes it safely to Winnipeg on this snowy day, and for any and all of you Firefly lovers out there ... a little Serenity for you on Christmas Eve!

[Great job Alanna Torres, whoever you might be!]



Unknown said...

My flight was cancelled, (voluntarily so) and so I'll be spending a white Christmas here in Vancouver!

Thanks for the Firefly link! I am *totally* inspired once again! ("How did you ever know I was a Whedon fan?" he asked sarcastically...)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's the most intense version of Christmas Bells (if that's the right name) I've ever heard/seen! I'm thinking it's about time to take out the Firefly DVDs again...

kc dyer said...

Ha! I've just watched Serenity (the episode, not the movie) and the Train Job, but my DVD has glitched and Bushwacked does not seem to be on the Christmas Eve agenda. Maybe tomorrow!

Happy Christmas, Jacquie and James!


Anonymous said...

"Dear Buddha, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket..."

Heh, one of the more creative applications of "Carol of the Bells"!

The Browncoats meetup group had their Christmas party ( and there were a LOT of dinosaur gifts! :-) Your post reminded me it's time for a Firefly marathon.

@James, judging from the news, you took a wise course of action.

Hope y'all have a great Christmas!

kc dyer said...

Hey Dale,

I'm in the middle of a Firefly marathon myself! The Browncoat party looked to be a FAB time. Happy Christmas to you -- safe travels home!