Friday, December 12, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 12

Here we are -- an even dozen suggestions (tho' actually many more) on the list, and 12 more days until it's Really Too Late for Christmas, Definitely Too Late for Chanukah, and Almost Beyond Hope for Kwanzaa.

So today, I'm going to direct you HERE to the CWILL BC blog, where Adrienne Mason has listed a whole sleighful of Holiday Book Pairings -- books that you can pair with something appropriate and delightful, as suggested by the authors.

You'll note my books aren't listed. This is because sending in my entry to Adrienne somehow landed on the List of Things To Forget that I seem to be compiling with alarming regularity.


I will note, however, that if you do choose to give one or more books from the Eagle Glen Trilogy, they go down very nicely with a bag of peppermints, (or even a candy cane) to help assuage Time Sickness*.

And if you considered popping Ms. Zephyr's Notebook into some deserving reader's stocking, a gift certificate for a visit to the local planetarium would Not Be Looked Upon Askance.

Mere idle conjecture, of course.


*Time Sickness -- The state, something akin to motion sickness, that accompanies time travel. Resolvable only with peppermints, administered internally.

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