Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Deborah Hodge

deborah hodge

And the Top 8 of '08 -fest continues, today with Debbie Hodge's entry. Though she is a many-times published (and hugely beloved author) this has still been a big year for Debbie -- she has a new book coming out in her 'Who Lives Here?' series, (FOREST ANIMALS, due out in February from KidsCan Press), she started her own blog AND has a couple of gorgeous grand-babies to celebrate.

Debbie has decided to highlight her top favourite blogs of 2008. Let's have a peek:

As a relatively new (and keen!) blogger, I thought I'd post my list of 8 Great Blogs that I've enjoyed over the past year. In no particular order, they are:

1. Alice's CWIM Blog
Alice Pope is the editor of the wonderfully informative Children's Writers and Illustrators Market, published annually.

2. Children's Book Biz News
Anastasia Suen is the talented author of 110 books, and the writer of a series of blogs. This one gives you up-to-date info on US editors, agents and books.

3. Miss Snark, the Literary Agent
Although this blog has gone "dark", you can read the archives which are full of funny and interesting anecdotes about submissions to a "snarky" literary agent and her amusing replies.

Want to find out more? Well, then -- read on....

I love Deborah's choices, and am always adding new blogs to my Reader. Thanks for joining in, Debbie!


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