Saturday, December 06, 2008

Seasonal Suggestion Interruptus

Last night I went to a really fun open mic event at Christianne's Lyceum. These events run every couple of weeks (they'll start up again mid-January) and are a great opportunity to have a peek at some of the remarkable artistry floating around this neck o' the city.

There was slam-style and experimental poetry, story-telling, singing and Christianne herself finished the evening with the scariest true-to-life ghost story I've ever heard. (We were all checking the backseats of our cars the whole way home...)

Anyway, it was great fun and I was blown away by the talents of the participants, many of whom were students at Emily Carr, and others who just came to share.

A couple of links:

Poet and singer Michael Lagace blogs here and Katie Yurychuk (who _said_ she was sick, but still had the richest and most beautiful voice I have heard in person for a LONG time) can be found on YouTube.

Here's a shot of Katie singing to a totally rapt audience.

As a matter of fact, I think you deserve to have a little taste. This is Katie's cover of MIA's Paper Planes, but her own songs are even better -- the one she played for us last night had no name, but it was gorgeous...

See what I mean?

So, if you'd like to hear some of these remarkable talents in person, hie yourself over to Christianne's website and mark the dates for the next open mic. You might even see me there!


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