Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Catherine Duthie

Cate Duthie is a writer, blogger, bookseller extraordinare -- and one heckuva book reviewer. Her blog is chock full of interesting, insightful commentary, and an awesome resource for reliable, carefully crafted reviews.

No surprise, then, that her Top 8 for 2008 list outlines a few of her favourites...

Cate's Top 8 Reads of 2008
(posted as part of
kc dyer's blog series - Top 8 of '08)

1, The Mask of Night by Tracy Grant When your favourite author (and unwitting mentor) gives you a draft of her next book to read, it definitely makes the list. When it fulfils all your hopes for a great next chapter, it shoots to the top.

2. How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard An interesting and entertaining piece of literary theory.

3. Manwatching by Desmond Morris Most-helpful-book-for-writers-without-being-specifically-geared-to-writers.

Oh-ho-ho...very interesting, eh? Care to read a little more? If so -- hie yourself on over to Cate's blog HERE -- and enjoy the rest!

Thanks for taking part, Cate!


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