Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 2

But wait! I hear you cry. Teens don't read -- at least my teen doesn't! Give me another suggestion!

Here's the scoop. Even if your teen doesn't generally read for pleasure, they still read. They might read magazines or comic books or the backs of cereal boxes -- but they still read. And most of 'em need to read in school.

If you truly have a reluctant reader, why not make the experience less intimidating? Orca Books out of Victoria, BC has a great imprint for reluctant readers called Orca Soundings. These books are fast-paced, fun reads that are usually short and snappy.

My favourite Orca Soundings book these days is the last one I just read -- FIRST TIME, by Meg Tilly. It's the story of sixteen year old Haley and the issues and worries that surround growing up, hanging out with guys and making choices. And when her mother's new boyfriend starts making unwanted advances, Haley doesn't know which way to turn.

It's a great read -- sweet, funny and poignant. I highly recommend it!

You can CLICK HERE if you'd like to look at other books in the Orca Soundings Line.

And remember -- leave a comment if you'd like to add your own seasonal suggestion for your favourite teen. You could win an autographed copy of MS.ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK.

Happy holidays!



Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm laughing my guts out at your blatant flogging of my book, Karen.

Everybody, K.C. might believe my book is great, but you have to take her recommendation with a grain of salt, because she also happens to be my friend! Lucky me. :) -Meg

kc dyer said...

Hey -- I jest calls 'em as I sees 'em!