Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Janet Reid

Staying with our international theme, now we're off from the left coast to the right with an entry from agent Janet Reid. Janet is an agent with the FinePrint Literary Agency in New York City, where she specializes in mysteries and off-beat literary fiction. She is also an avid blogger and tweeter and generous sharer of advice regarding all things literary. Need to know how to send a query? How to format a manuscript page? Janet's blog has it all.

Now, let's have a quick peek at her list, shall we?

8 Things I Loved in '08.

1. My spiffy new Kindle leads the list. Are you sick of reading my gushing posts about the Kindle? I've yapped enough about it here previously that I'll just say this now:

I wouldn't have bought one as soon without Kristin Nelson leading the way. Kristin has been a friend, colleague and sounding board for years. When she bought one, and showed it to me, and told me how much she valued it, I got one for myself. Thanks Kristin!

2. Google reader. I subscribe to 144 blogs. I follow all my clients, and as many of the trade oriented blogs I can find like bookstores, editors, other agents, and interesting observers of the scene. The ONLY way I can do that efficiently is by using Google reader. I know it's helped me help my clients. If you're not on Google reader, I encourage you to do so.

3. Twitter. I use Twitter for a very specific purpose. I stay in touch with my clients by a gossamer thread. It helps me know what's happening in their lives that's important (things like the death of a dog, death of a close friend, two bombs, and a lot of snow!) without them having to email me.

It's also been invaluable for early news. I don't use it to market myself, or do much actual business, but it's been extremely useful for what I want it for.

I started using Twitter because I read a post on DorothyL from someone who was excoriating all the new fangled things they thought were a waste of time. I realized I didn't want to dismiss something as useless unless I'd actually tried it. Twitter turned to be very useful. I tried a couple other things that weren't, but the key was I tried them first. Sort of the like Spinach Principle: how do you know you'll loathe it unless you've tried it.

Want to read more? The rest can be found, along with a ton of great advice for writers looking to be published, HERE on Janet's blog. Or check out her website HERE. Both are must-reads.

Thanks for joining in, Janet!


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