Friday, December 05, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 5

Dashing out to do an Open Mike event at Christianne's Lyceum, so this will be a quickie.

A DASHER, if you will....

In keeping with yesterday's SPCA suggestion, I'd like to recommend Diane Haynes' WILDLIFE RESCUE series -- starring the inimitable Jane Ray. Diane's latest novel has just hit the shelves. I was quite broken-hearted to miss her book launch, because Diane is one ORGANIZED person, and her launches are EVENTS! But I was still in Surrey for SiWC, so let's celebrate here, instead!

The latest book in the series, GAIA WILD, joins FIGHT OR FLIGHT and CROW MEDICINE, all fabulous stories for anyone interested in wildlife conservation.

A great addition to our list of seasonal suggestions.

And remember -- if you add a comment to any of the posts this month, your name will be put in a draw for an autographed copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK, just in time for holiday giving.



Anita Daher said...

A Dasher...very like A Daher, with a spitty part in it. I just notice these things :-S

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