Monday, December 08, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 7 & 8

Yikes! Can't miss a day on this whirlwind tour of the holiday season. Sunday turned out to be too full to blog, so today, gentle readers, you get a twofer.

To begin, I'd like to give a shout-out to Books on the Nightstand who have been blogging luscious gift ideas for readers of all stripes for some time now. They posted a few non-literary gifts for bookish readers today. [I love these guys. You must check out their site if you have a minute...]

A favourite suggestion is this clock:

Which can be found HERE for a Very Reasonable Price. They also supply a version in all black book covers, for the more sophisticated (or monochrome) reader.

[Please note I don't know the folks that run this website -- I just like the look of the clock!]

[Speaking of clocks, I picked up this little number -- at last -- from artist Sandra Bilewich this weekend. I had originally bought the clock when I stumbled into Sandra's packed house whilst on the East Side Culture Crawl, and spied it with my squinted eye.

It's now sitting on my dining room table until I can find it a proper home, but it is my favourite purchase of the year -- next to the MacBook, of course. A steampunk cuckoo clock, a collection of found welded steel bits, rocks, springs...and a clock running backwards. My idea of clockish perfection.]

Okay -- clocks galore for the comfort of the resonant tock-ticks while reading. An ideal seventh seasonal suggestion.

And now on to suggestion #8!

Suggestion #8 is an ENTIRE bookstore full of ideas that you can pick up at a special event this weekend:

Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush event

James McCann, Lee Edward Fodi and myself will be appearing for a reading and general candy-cane gorge-a-thon at the new bookshop in Vancouver called Once Upon A Huckleberry.

You can see the poster on James' blog HERE or read the details in an earlier post of mine HERE.

Store details:
Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush
4387 Main Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V5V 3R1

Phone: (604)876–4010

Triple Author Event runs from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, Sunday December 14th.

Don't forget the free candy canes -- we promise to ruin your dinner AND sign any books you buy for free!



Anonymous said...

D__m! We have an appointment on the Island with a contractor on Dec. 14th! Phooey! Are you going to be doing this again somewhere else? -Meg

kc dyer said...

Dearest Meg,

No worries, my dear. We'll be haunting bookstores again soon enough. Happy Island hopping!