Sunday, December 21, 2008


Spent the day snowbound in a house with fire roaring, candles glowing and a tree gleaming with light in celebration of winter solstice, which officially took place on our planet today at 12:04 pm this year. (If you'd like to read a very funny take on the subject of the solstice and solar ping-pong, check out Jo Bourne's blog HERE.)

I was supposed to attend a BC Boys Choir Christmas concert this evening, and we made it about 5 km down the highway before turning back. I'm so sorry to miss hearing the boys -- they always create a magical atmosphere with their music. I can't embed this piece, but you can have a taste of their beautiful voices HERE.

Long day planned for tomorrow, teaching with the lovely CWC (Creative Writing for Children) group, this time in Port Coquitlam, BC. I have a great World of Warcraft-themed quest story in the works, involving lots of gold, swashbuckling, adventure and copious amounts of holiday sugar. I'm hoping it's a big hit. Will post pix here with an update.

Until then, happy solstice to all and Happy Chanukah to those celebrating their own special Festival of Light!


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