Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Seasonal Suggestions for Teens -- December 3


Had a big fear that today's post would not make it up in time, as the highway (as in the infamous Sea to Sky, on which I live) had another HUGE section blown out of it today, rendering the internet non-functional for a while.

But now it is back, so on to Seasonal Suggestion #3 -- for those who like their reading with a little BITE.

Sure, the holidays are a time for sugar plums and fairies, but the recent popularity of TWILIGHT has shown that all thing vampire can be pretty cool, too. (And sparkly-- let's not forget the sparkles!)

If you know a reader who is fond of vampires and even a werewolf or two -- look no further than the James McCann series -- THE RANCOUR CHRONICLES. The first two novels, RANCOUR & PYRE are both available, and as a little bonus, the next book in the series DAWN will be out in 2009.

So if you know a reader looking for adventure, guitar-playing, romance, excitement -- and even a little immortality -- James McCann's books are the way to go!

Now remember, if you have a Seasonal Suggestion of your own to make, add it to the comments, and later in the month I'll draw for an autographed copy of MS. ZEPHYR'S NOTEBOOK.

Happy holidays!


* Yes, this is supposed to be a bearded, blood-sucking candy cane. With evil, sneaky, kinda drippy eyes. I was going for gruesome...

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