Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter, Huckleberries and a Quick Seasonal Suggestion

It's a cold day here....winter has settled in and contrary to the usual coastal norm, it looks like it might stay awhile.

Dig those whitecaps on Howe Sound.

Bowyer Island, being battered.

But I spent most of the day in the warm embrace of my friends (and fellow scribes), James McCann and Lee Edward Fodi as we did a Holiday Book Event at Once Upon a Huckleberry Bush.

Warm thanks to Portia, Michelle and the rest of the crew made us feel at home and welcome. And best thanks also to Callie, Meg, Don, Oliver and all of our friends who braved the snow to join us in our candy cane celebration.

I love the picture Meg took 0f the tremendous crowds enjoying the antics of the strangely-hatted authors on parade!

And, after a long day, to finish with a quick Seasonal Suggestion, may I suggest that you add the Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar to your gift basket?

These books, written and illustrated by my buddy Lee, (aka Mr. Wiz, the guy in the middle in the picture above) are a magical glimpse into different worlds, led by a tiny girl with many braids and a brave heart. Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger, and Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers are currently available, and Lee is preparing for a new Kendra title to launch early in 2009.

What better way to take the chill out of the season?



A Novel Woman said...

Gorgeous photos!! You have your Christmas card for next year.

Hope your event was fun.


kc dyer said...


Christmas cards....


But, thank you!

~kc, wiping tears of disorganization from her eyes....