Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 8 of '08, with Guest Blogger Laura Bradbury

Oh HO -- the Top 8 now takes on a little savoire faire with the introduction of a European flavour (tinged with the Canadian, of course).

My friend Laura Bradbury is a transplanted Canuck, who lives with her French husband and three beautiful daughters in Burgundy. Together they manage vacation property in France, and Laura blogs about the experience regularly in her Grape Journal.

When I asked her to take part in this little social experiment, she agreed, and has decided to talk about her upcoming relocation to the land of her birth.

Let's peek in on her musings, shall we?

Haven't had much time for watching TV, tragically ditto for reading, however one big realization that has been dominating my psyche (the part that isn't occupied with trying to prevent Clem from choking on plastic horse poos) as 2008 draws to a close is that in 2009, only a few days away, we are taking the big leap and are moving back to Canada.

I love France, I believe I will miss France and the people I love here like an arm that has been cut off, but here are 8 favorite things that I am really looking forward to about moving back to Canada (besides being closer to my entire family, which is of course a given);

1. Driving along the waterfront and seeing how the ocean is different every single day.

2. Having my friend Andrea live just up the street.

3. The fact that my girls will learn art and music and sports in school, instead of just academics.

4. Hearing the Sea Lions bark during the winter.

5. Beachcombing with a Latte in hand.

Read on to discover the rest HERE:

I will be thrilled to have Laura back on this side of the Atlantic, though her daily account of life in France is something I shall sorely miss. However, something tells me her adventures with her three little maids will still give her lots of blog fodder, even back on Vancouver Island.

Thanks for joining in, Laura!


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